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Prospecting and Fossicking

Prospecting typically involves the use of metal detectors, hand tools, pans or sluices in the search for gold, gemstones and other minerals.

Prospecting can be an exciting experience. Many of the worlds largest gold nuggets have been found in the Golden Triangle of central Victoria. Elsewhere, gemstone fossickers have found sapphires, zeolites and agate.

The Prospecting Guide, prepared by Parks Victoria, the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria, the former Department of Primary Industries, the former Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Victorian Gem Clubs Association, is designed to help you enjoy this experience while protecting the natural environment and our cultural heritage.

Miner's Rights - VictoriaImage showing the Miner's Right certificate

Price: Ten Year Miner's Right - $17.70

Purchase a Miner's Right online by clicking here.

In Victoria, a prospector or fossicker requires a Miners Right which is a permit to prospect for minerals on unreserved Crown Land or private land where the permission of the landowner has been granted.

The following document contains information on:

  • Most commonly asked questions about Miner's Rights
  • Relevant sections from the Mineral Resources Development Act 1990
  • List of Exempted Rivers and Streams
  • Where you can buy Miner's Rights

Miner's Rights: Frequently Asked Questions

The PMAV provides information on prospecting and fossicking in Victoria - a short movie on this subject is now available.