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Sustainable Energy in Victoria

Solar panels

Victoria’s renewable energy is generated by harnessing the sun’s radiation or heat, the wind, the tides or heat stored underground to make electricity and heat. Generating electricity from renewable energy sources produces very little carbon pollution.


2 lifesavers carrying a canoe
Community Renewables Solar Grants Initiative
The Government’s grant program to provide a clean energy future for Victoria’s lifesaving clubs.
man installing solar panels on a roof

Accessing Solar Panel Systems
New low-cost way to have solar installed at home.

wind and solar power

Renewable Energy Purchasing
The Government has released the Request for Tender under the Renewable Certificate Purchasing Initiative.

A man and girl looking at solar panels

Guide to Community-Owned Renewable Energy
A guide is now available for Victorian communities about developing community-owned renewable energy projects.

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Project
Direct geothermal energy systems access the energy stores in the ground within a few tens of metres below the earth's surface. The earth acts both as a heat source and a sink to heat and cool buildings.

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Feed-in tariffs
Learn about Victoria’s programs to support small-scale solar and other renewable energy generation through feed-in tariffs.