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Community Renewables Solar Grants Initiative

2 lifesavers carrying a canoe The Government’s Renewable Energy Roadmap is committed to establishing measures to facilitate the uptake of renewable energy by Victorian households and communities to transition to a clean energy future.

As a practical way to support this policy, on 30 January 2016 the Minister for Energy and Resources announced at the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club an initiative to provide a grant to have solar panels installed on Life Saving Victoria (LSV) clubs across rural and metropolitan Victoria.

Under the initiative Approved Solar Retailers (those who have signed the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct) will provide and install solar panel systems to club houses, taking a real, practical and visible step to support Victoria’s renewables industry, and provide the benefits of clean energy to the Victorian community. There are currently nine such solar companies that operate in Victoria, please visit Clean Energy Council for further information.

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of aquatic related death and injury in Victorian coastal communities. Largely staffed by volunteers, LSV provides a critical emergency management service to the community during summer, when the population of Victorians enjoying the coast is at its peak.

LSV clubs are the hub of many coastal communities, driving collaboration and activity in their local towns.

Any queries can be sent to or call the Program Manager on 9092 1872